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Saweetie’s Birkin Bag Comment Makes Even Quavo Shrug | Download MP4 Video

Saweetie has people fired up on social media after suggesting how women should handle dating. The Warner Records artist told ladies to dump any man who’s not buying her a Hermès Birkin bag or paying bills, eliciting a shrug from her boyfriend Quavo.

“If he not giving you a Birkin, if he not paying for yo bills, then throw that nigga back to the streets,” she said with a hair flip.

While Saweetie’s remarks had plenty of Twitter users fired up with hot takes, the comments essentially act as promotion for her new single “Back To The Streets.” The Jhené Aiko-assisted track dropped on Friday (October 23) as part of the rollout for Saweetie’s next album Pretty Bitch Music.

Saweetie’s latest song sees her calling out an ex for using her and boasting about finding a rich suitor. She refers to her former man as “just a lease” and celebrates sending him back to the streets on the cut’s hook.

“Had to hit the Heisman on ya homies/Stepping in here bad bitches only/My ex used to act like he owned me/Ain’t enough just to treat me like a trophy/I had that, passed that, knew I had to trash that/Bounced on his ass, turn that boy into flashback/I’m a five-star bitch with a price tag/Gotta find me somebody that can match that,” she raps on the first verse.

Stream Saweetie’s “Back To The Streets” featuring Jhené Aiko below.

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